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Lizard Queenz

The Dragon's Veins Charm Necklace

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So many details to explore on this one. Black metal chain necklace embellished with silver wire wrapping, metallic beads, onyx gems & finished with a wire wrapped black veins agate pendant. Love that this stone has a split coloring! Metal toggle closure with special bead detail.

22" long

Also enjoy the healing powers of these special stones!
Stones are to have symbolism and powers specific to their type:


-Promotes energy & strength
-Improves intellectual curiosity
-Improves memory & concentration


-Protector from evil
-Focus & willpower
-Activates your root, solar plexus & third eye


This necklace is part of a special collection of handmade jewelry by Pam Cesaro. A self taught jewelry maker and one of our fashion idols. She has made many different pieces throughout the years and we're thrilled to get to share them with you! Pieces include wire wrapped pendant necklaces and decorative charm necklaces. Enjoy.