The Welcome To The Jungle Mask - Ivory

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Beautiful elephant tapestry contrasted with golden marble swirl print for a dreamy combination. Three layers of cotton fabric for optimal safety hand sewn with elastic ear loops. Silicone beads featured on for adjustable & best fit for all. Comes a little pouch for storage. 

* Available in Biggie & Smallz sizes. Both shown modeled.
*Please note all styles may vary slightly due to cut of the fabric.
*Variant of this mask available in shop.


100% of sales of this mask will go to AAANHPI Equity Coalition. 




Side Height 3 1/4"   
Middle Height 6"
Length 11"   Elastic Loopz Approx 11"


Side Height 2 1/4"  Middle Height 5 1/4"
Length 9"   Elastic Loopz Approx 9"


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