It’s not a mirage. You have found your rock n’ roll oasis.

Satiating your need for both casual and amped up rockstar threadz, accessoriez & more, we've got all the goodz to help you achieve that androgynous 70s rock n' roll style you've been day dreaming about. Vintage, upcycled, handmade & small batch goodz for kings, queens, and all in-between come in a range of sizing and are always packaged with sustainability in mind. You’re backstage now, but with Lizard Queenz you’ll be ready to be front and center, groovin’ to your own beat.

Lizard Queenz is run by Lauren Isabella aka "The Lizard Queen". After obtaining a degree in fashion design and working many years in merchandising, even traveling internationally to style new store openings, she realized her heart was not in it for representing someone else's vision. In addition, being a part of the major contribution of environmental damage coming from the retailer she had worked, she had had enough. The Queen decided it was time to venture on her own and represent her own unique viewpoint.

Always having been influenced by music, and especially that of the 70s rock variety, the rockstars at the time were both her crushes & fashion idols. The number one being Jim Morrison aka "The Lizard King" for whom the whole shebang is named. With Lizard Queenz, she is set to embody a slightly more refined rockstar lifestyle while capturing that 70s androgynous fashion & therefore not setting any gender bounds. (Think current day Steven Tyler.) So may all searching find refuge from anyone else's modern standards & relive the care free psychedelia with Lizard Queenz.